Ahsoka Tano nickname Snips.


Early LifeEdit

She was discovered Plo Koon and was raised in the jedi temple and received training with the young jedi by Master Yoda.

Attack of the ClonesEdit

Ahsoka was trained with the young jedi in episode II attack of the clones. Ahsoka heard about the data being erased and told the council that she thinks it was Count Dooku that erased the files and ordered the bounty hunter to kill padme. But the council did not think it was Dooku behind it. When she heard about what was happening on geonosis and wan'ted to go but she ordered told to stay at the jedi temple.

Clone WarsEdit

In the series of the clone wars she as one of the main characters and is Anakin's apprentice. In season 5 she enters level 1313. 1313 is in three episodes frist episode The Jedi Who Knew Too Much, second episode To Catch a Jedi and the final episode The Wrong Jedi. She leaves the jedi order in season 5 and still has her lightsaber. Ahsoka Tano is voiced by Ashley Ecksein.

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